fredag 5. oktober 2007

First post.

I finally got around to creating a blog to re-tell and share my thoughts, impressions and rambelings of the World and all (at least some parts) of it's happenings. I had really no idea what to call this blog, so I went with one of the first things that fell into my head. I know it is silly but... hey, I happen to LIKE Swords'n'Sorcery.

The specific case I would like to write about in my first post is an article from Norwegian newspaper DagBladet, originally a "liberal-progressive" publication, but few newspapers here in Norway have kept their intended agendas.
Anyways, the article is written by DB journalist Marte Michelet, attacking writer Hege Storhaug and her new book "Tilslørt. Avslørt. Et oppgjør med norsk naivisme" ["Veiled. Unveiled. A showdown with Norwegian naïveté"]. In the book, Storhaug recommends banning burka and hijab, as they are misogynic symbols of Islamistic oppression. Michelet, on the other hand, attacks Storhaug for being islamophobic, and not knowing the difference between culture and religion.
So far, Michelet got one point. The traditions with burka/hijab is older than Islam. The Qur'an only orders a general modesty in dressing for both genders, which is used today to justify mandatory veils. Kind of hypocrisy, then, having belly-dancers dancing half-naked but with veils (the hot/exotic kind of veils, though).
My real thoughts, however, are fueled by the comments to the article.. Some of them are making simple but good points, like the one suggestin forbidding ALL clothing over belly-button for females. Why stop there? MANDATORY THONGS, I SAY! On the other hand, the one mentioning some cultures in South-America wearing only codpieces, also raises an interesting question. You are covering your naughty bits, so why not go for it?
On a wee bit more serious side, why should we FORBID veils. Of course, forcing your daughter/wife/sister to wear it is a bad thing, but so much worse than the brand-pressure Western kids are stuck with?
And really, veils as symbols of islamistic oppression? Just because I wear tweed-jackets and six-pence, doesn't that mean I'm in favour of declaring Queen Elizabeth II Queen of France and Emperess of India and ... bad example, since I think that would have rocked, but you get my point, don't ye?
I especially like the sarcastic comment about immigrant-women not being free before they wear minimal bikinis and fucking around despite their own wishes. Personally I consider not having the urge to have sex with as many as possible each weekend is one of the greatest freedoms, not being a slave of your own body.

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